Praise Index of Hymns and Psalms

The singing you will hear is not that of professional singers but that of a congregation of the Lord's people gathered together on the Lord's Day enjoying their worship of God.

Come thou fount of every blessing R Robinson
According to Thy gracious Word J. Montgomery
The God of Abram Praise T Olivers
All people that on earth do dwell Scottish Metrical Psalm 100
Thou whose almighty word J. Marriott
How sweet and awful is the place Isaac Watts
Let us with a gladsome mind praise the Lord, for he is kind John Milton
The race that long in darkness pin'd have seen a glorious light Scottish Paraphrase
Now thank we all our God, Martin Rinckart tr. Catherine Winkworth
What various hindrances we meet William Cowper
Hallelujah! who shall part W. Dickinson
God's mercies I will ever sing Scottish Metrical Psalm 89
A debtor to mercy alone Augustus Toplady
Grace! 'tis a charming sound, P. Doddridge and A. M. Toplady
O Bless the Lord, my soul! Isaac Watts
When I survey the wondrous cross Isaac Watts
Begone unbelief, my Saviour is near John Newton
From all the saints, who from their labours rest William Walsham How
God is our refuge and our strength Scottish Metrical Psalm 46
Praise waits for thee in Sion, Lord: Scottish Metrical Psalm 65
Tell me the old old story Miss K. Hankey
True faith believes the Word Divine R. Burnham
Lord, from the depths to thee I cry'd Scottish Metrical Psalm 130
On Thee, O God of purity Augustus Toplady
Now let a song of sacred joy Samuel Medley
Jesus! Lover of my Soul, Let me to Thy bosom fly, Charles Wesley
More of Thy love, my God, I find, In every hour I live Mushett
Saviour Divine! we know Thy name, and in that name we trust Philip Doddridge
Faith! 'tis a precious grace, Where'er it is bestowed Benjamin Beddome
O Lord thou has me search'd and known. Scottish Metrical Psalm 139
Glory to God the Father be A. Triggs
Christ is the Lord our Righteousness S. Turner
To the name of our salvation, Laud and honour let us pay Anon. 15th Century (Trans John Neale)
God's promises are sweet, They melt the saints in tears R. Burnham
All, fulness dwells in Thee, Lord T. Bradbury
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty. Reginald Heber
To do thy will I take delight . Scottish Metrical Psalm 40
Jesus! The sinner's friend Charles Wesley
One there is above all others, Well deserves the name of Friend; John Newton
Jesus, the name high over all Charles Wesley
There is no name so sweet on earth George W. Bethune
Salvation! O my soul, rejoice! W. Gadsby
How shall I my Saviour set forth? J. Maxwell
Now ye ransomed of the Lord D. Denham
O God, most Holy! Thee we praise; Anonymous
Like sheep we went astray Isaac Watts
Jesus, Master, whose I am Francis Ridley Havergal
God in Three appears all glorious R. Burnham
O Lord my God! when I in awesome wonder Carl Gustav Boberg
We give immortal praise Isaac Watts
To Thy temple I repair James Montgomery
Lord, we confess our numerous faults Isaac Watts