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The Two Brothers A father's request to his two sons and their different responses to it.
Autumn The arrival of Autumn brings with it the migration of the birds and God's provision for them.
Looking Forward and Back The hotel sign that reads differently depending on the direction you approach it from.
The Race The story of two boys who although friends, were to race against each other.
Nature's Wonder Kevin's Question, “Why were my feet wet”?
The Soldier (Concluding part) The Soldier seeks out Mr MacPhail and learns the seriousness of sin and the wonder of salvation.
The Soldier (Part 1) Mr MacPhail overhears a soldier and a butcher haggle over the price of a quarter of mutton.
The Basket Sally is given a basket to deliver to her aunt Nell.
Josiah the King Josiah was a good king and he decided to clear out God's house all the idols kept in the Temple.
Lost The scare and the fear of Mary and Joseph when they thought that Jesus had gone missing on the road home from Jerusalem.
The Plumb Line What is a plumb line or a plummet? Mrs Seaton explains and draws some lessons from this practical object.
At the Forks of the Delaware River A young man came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour. He was anxious to take the gospel to the Indians of North America.
A New Year Begins People say at this time of year, Well, this is the start of a new year – a time for new beginnings.”
Mary Jones and her Broken Lantern Mary Jones is in a hurry and has difficulties in putting the hens into the henhouse.
The Annoying and the Irritable A brother who annoyed his sister who was very irritable so they constantly argued with each other.
They did what they could Remember the story we had in the last issue of the magazine about the Italian boy who did what he could with what he had to make his friend happy?
The Magnificent Lion The young boy had no present to take to his friends birthday party. His grandmother suggested that he take butter.
Creation A poem on Creation
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A Young Farmer and the Snake A young farmer working among the sheaves of corn meets with a snake
Sweeter than Honey King David remembers his School Days. How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth.
The Two Rafts and the Story of the two Houses Sam and Billy, each built a raft by the seaside, how sad Sam was as he stood helpless and watched his raft floating away out to sea on its own.
The Two Rafts Two boys, Billy and Sam, who lived beside the sea, each building their own raft.
What happened to Adam and Eve? What happened to Adam and Eve? How they sinned in the garden of Eden and what happened afterwards.
Joan Waste (Part 2) Joan stands firm on what she learned from the bible. Despite persecution which led to her death Joan remained firm in her belief.
Joan Waste (Part 1) Young Joan Waste and how she purchased a bible and although she could not read managed to organise it to be read to her in the local prison.
Isaac and His Silly Rhymes Isaac Watts a famous hymn-writer as a child found himself in trouble several times because he wrote silly rhymes.
Forgetful Green Warning – Forgetful Green is a dangerous place.
Two Special Trees Do you know where we read of these two special trees? That's right – in the Bible.
The Countess and the Chimney Sweep” Mrs Seaton in her letter to the Boys and Girls tells the story of a Countess and a meeting with a young chimney-sweep.
TRY Spurgeon encourages all to “Try” giving many examples and encouragements. Boys and girls “Try” all you can for God.
Christ, the gift from God. Mrs Seaton introduced herself and tells of Jesus, the gift from God.
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The Little Helper A little girl called Betty who wished to help her mother with all the sewing and mending.
A Time Limit A story about a young girl called Alice, whose daddy had died and how she helped her mother
Nicodemus Nicodemus, a ruler among the Jews
Sarah's Question Sarah learns why her flowers are harder to find to make posies. And how death leads to new life.
A Mother's Love Here we learn of a mother's love for her ill young son and of her desire to obtain a bunch of grapes to show her love. We also learn of the King's daughter and of her wise counsel in telling the mother to “ask the king”.
Jesus Goes to Jerusalem I wonder how many of you at some time have been lost! You know, Jesus was once lost - at least, Mary and Joseph thought that he was lost!
Francis Ridley Havergal Frances Ridley Havergal loved her garden. Through reading a hymn she found that faith through the words, "My Father".
Gohu - Governor of Formosa Gohu, the young Chinese governor gave his life for the people of Formosa. Formosa is now called Taiwan..
How to be a hero Freddy visits his auntie and learns about a General. He tells her he would like to be a General and she tells him how to be stronger and greater than many Generals.
Being Ready Do you have to be “called” in the morning, or do you wake up at the right time – a knock on the door, or a shake and the words: “Time to get up!” It is always good to be ready on time; ready for breakfast, ready for school, always ready in the morning?
Being a Living Epistle The story is about an old man named Phocas, and he lived at a place called Sinope, on the shores of the Black Sea. It is a long time since Phocas lived, but his memory is so rich that he, “being dead, yet speaketh.”
The bravery of Stephen A very brave Christian man was killed by wicked men many many years ago just because he was preaching and telling men and women, boys and girls, that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.
Peter Waldo Peter Waldo, a rich young man, gave away his fortune to the poor following conviction that God would have him make this sacrifice.
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The Find Old Simon while digging in a field finds an old pot and later finds an inscription written on it.
Importance of knowing the Whole Story Know the“"whole story” of a person's life, or else we will always have a wrong idea about that person.
The Little Robin Jesus said that even when a bird falls to the ground God knows all about it.
The Exchange This story brings to our attention the greatest exchange ever made.
Karen's Lovely Stones Without God, we are like pebbles taken out of water; our lives are dull and they are not worth living. But the Bible says that we are to “abide in Him”.
“In the Beginning God –” These are the very first words that we read in the Bible, because in the beginning there was nothing except God.
A Ship Called Lorna Here is a short true story to show the danger in taking a wrong path and despite others giving warnings continue heedlessly on. “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man; but the end thereof is death”.
Blind Joan Waste and her Faithfulness Joan Waste was blind yet had a great love of God's Word, the Bible. We read of her remarkable story and what the price of loving her Bible would cost her.
The Missionary Collection George hears the missionary speak about going to Africa to tell the people on that continent about Jesus Christ. We learn of George's gift and his reasoning behind the manner in which he gives his gift.
"The Gift" Five little boys attend Sunday School and when asked put their collection into the Mission Box. Mrs Seaton considers the attitude of the boys as they put their pennies into the box.
“Who would true valour see”
Mary Slessor in Duke Town.
We learned of the courage of Mary Slessor in the last edition of the Wicket Gate. In this story Mary found living in Duke Town, which is in Africa. An African friend of Mary gives birth to twins and we learn the custom in that area was to kill the twins. Believing one had an evil spirit as its father. Here we see Mary's courage and trust in God once again.
“Who would true valour see”
Mary Slessor and her desire to serve God.
Mrs Seaton writes that the words from John Bunyan's hymn,“Who would true valour see” made her think often of the actions and courage, and bravery of many great missionaries who have gone off to far-off lands to preach about Jesus. One of these brave missionaries is Mary Slessor, who could be called “very courageous.”
David Brainerd
Missionary to the Red Indians of North America
David Brainerd protected by God brings the gospel message to the Indians of the Delaware River. God protected him and opened the way for him to tell the Indians in a strange manner.
Two Puzzles for Solving
(one for the older children and one for the under seven's)
Here are two challenging puzzles. One quiz is for the older boy or girl with a separate one for the younger reader.
Frances Crosby Mrs Seaton introduces the Boys and Girls to Frances Crosby the blind hymnwriter. Through the words of another hymnwriter, Frances Ridley Havergal, we learn the source of Frances Crosby's courage and love.
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The Riddle This story brings home how important it is for young people to find the Lord as their Saviour while they are young. Spurgeon answered a question and his answer was perplexing until you understand Spurgeon's thinking.
The Importance of Preparing Mrs Seaton explains just how important it is to prepare. Christ will return and we must prepare for His return
The Boy with the Bad Memory A story of a little boy called Johnny who had a bad memory and the trouble he got into because he forgot.
Charles and the Strange Visitor Charles and the prophesy for his future from a visitor to his home.
Do you know what a Parable is? What a parable is and the lessons from the parable of the two sons.
Sally and Her Basket Sally takes a basket for her mummy to aunt Nell's
Miss Gladys Aylward
Missionary to China
Story of Gladys Aylward's calling as a Missionary to China.
The Gift of an Umbrella Gift of an umbrella — but if the gift not used!
Try, Try, Try again! Why we should try and try again.
The God who makes all things well You can see God's goodness even in the leaves on the trees.
Big Ben and Big Tom From London the story of Big Ben and Big Tom.
Nicodemus the Pharisee Nicodemus the Pharisee meets Jesus and here we learn of the conversation between them.
The Children of the Chief A chief is a leader, protector,saviour, guide. God is this and more to his people.
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Francis Ridley Havergal
Francis Ridley Havergal, Hymnwriter. How her life was changed by William Cowper's words in a hymn, “My Father Made Them All”.
A Bible Search Something different in this edition – A Bible Search
Waiting for a Son A mother and father wait for their son to return home from the army on leave.
The Hymn Book Misunderstanding about the reference to a H-I-M book.
Lesson from a Hotel Sign Travelling from Scotland to England you will perhaps have seen a hotel which says – This is the first hotel in England. On your way back home you will came to the same hotel, but the sign that you will see this time will say – This is the last hotel in England.
The Race Remember the last time you ran a race, it may have been in school, perhaps at the school sports on sports day. Today I want you to remember what it was like to run in that race.
Danny and the Chewing Gum Machine Danny and the Chewing Gum Machine. A lesson to be learned about our desire for sin.
The Young Governor Goha, the young Chinese governor gave his life for the people of Formosa.
Regina: prisoner of the Indians Little girl called Regina taken prisoner by the indians in the French/British Canadian war. How the singing of a hymn identified her to her mother.
Bible Search A Bible Search for you to try.
How many of you have been lost? I wonder how many of you at some time have been lost! You know, Jesus was once lost - at least, Mary and Joseph thought that He was lost! It all happened when Jesus was twelve years old.
I want to be a Bus Driver Little boy who was taught the hymn in Sunday School “ Jesus wants me for a sunbeam;” tells his mother he would rather be a bus driver.
That Special Gift “God so loved the world that he gave his only Begotten Son” – That special gift at Christmas.
Lessons from a candle Before there was such a thing as electric light, people had to do their work by the light of a candle. Here Mrs Seaton tells of a lesson we may learn from the candle.
Mistake! Herod's mistake as to who Jesus was and what type of King he was to be.
Sidney's Account Sidney presents his Mommy with a bill.
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Isaac Watts – a famous hymnwriter An incident from Isaac Watts' life when he was just a young child.
Lena and the Hedge of Thorns A story showing how God has a purpose for all things.
Naaman – a great Captain in the Kings Army The story of Naaman and how God cured his leprosy.
Please, Where can I find God? Journey from the Isle of Skye to Inverness by a little girl who wanted to know where could she find God.
Josiah the King Josiah, the king of Judah. A young king and what he thought about God's Word.
The Story of the Five Boys Five boys and their different attitudes to giving.
John Gifford and John Bunyan On the first of June 1648, a battle was fought in the town of Maidstone, in Kent, between the Parliamentary forces of the English Government. It took only one night for the insurrection to be stamped out. Among the prisoners that were taken was a Major named John Gifford.
Lesson from God's Creation Have you noticed how many lessons there are in the Bible about God's creation, and God's creatures? The rainbow, the sheep, the flowers, the ant, the eagle - to name just a few.
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