Friday Evening Lectures

During the early 1970s Pastor W. J. Seaton gave a series of Friday Evening Lectures at the Inverness Reformed Baptist Church, Scotland. These lectures were of encouragement to the Church. By the Grace of God may these lectures bring blessing to your soul, give encouragement in daily living, and the desire in your hearts and minds to know more of those who went before in the cause of Christ.

ListenJohn Kennedy of DingwallDownload
ListenLetters of Samuel RutherfordDownload
ListenWilliam Chalmers BurnsDownload
ListenGeorge WhitefieldDownload
ListenJohn KnoxDownload
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ListenGeorge Muller (Part 1 of 3)Download
ListenGeorge Muller (Part 2 of 3)Download
ListenGeorge Muller (Part 3 of 3)Download