Index of Bible Stories told to the Children
at the Inverness Reformed Baptist Church
by W. J. Seaton

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To the stories from the New Testament

Stories from the Old Testament

ListenClarifying remarks on these storiesListen
ListenGod's Word The BibleDownload
ListenThe Creation of the WorldDownload
ListenMen's SinsDownload
ListenCain and AbelDownload
ListenNoah's ArkDownload
ListenThe Tower of BabelDownload
ListenAbram in EgyptDownload
ListenAbraham and LotDownload
ListenSodom DestroyedDownload
ListenAbraham and IsaacDownload
ListenRebecca for IsaacDownload
ListenIsaac is SubmissiveDownload
ListenJacob and EsauDownload
ListenJacob's Name now IsraelDownload
ListenJoseph in PrisonDownload
ListenJoseph Interprets Pharaoh's DreamDownload
ListenJoseph DiesDownload
ListenThe Beginning of ExodusDownload
ListenThe Birth of MosesDownload
ListenMoses Flees from EgyptDownload
ListenMoses in MedianDownload
ListenMoses Goes Back to EgyptDownload
ListenThe Plagues and the PassoverDownload
ListenStarting the JourneyDownload
ListenCrossing the Red SeaDownload
ListenGod Gives the People MannaDownload
ListenMoses, Aaron and Hur on the HillDownload
ListenThe Giving of the LawDownload
ListenThe Observing of the PassoverDownload
ListenThe TabernacleDownload
ListenThe Day of AtonementDownload
ListenMoses is Shown God's GloryDownload
ListenThey Spy out the LandDownload
ListenThe Serpent Lifted UpDownload
ListenRahab the Harlot and the Two SpiesDownload
ListenThe Crossing of the JordonDownload
ListenThe Captain of the Lord's HostDownload
ListenThe Cities of RefugeDownload
ListenJoshua's Last SermonsDownload
ListenDeborah – BarakDownload
ListenGod Speaks to SamuelDownload
ListenThe Ark of God is TakenDownload
ListenSaul Made KingDownload
ListenDavid is AnointedDownload
ListenDavid and SaulDownload
ListenDavid and GoliathDownload
ListenDavid and Jonathan's CovenantDownload
ListenDavid Spares SaulDownload
ListenThe Death of SaulDownload
ListenDavid's FaultsDownload
ListenAbsalom Rebels against David Download
ListenSolomon becomes KingDownload
ListenSolomon and the Queen of ShebaDownload
ListenIsrael Divided into two KingdomsDownload
ListenJeroboam and the Golden CalvesDownload
ListenAhab and ElijahDownload
ListenThe Choice Between God and BaalDownload
ListenElijah Told He Was Not AloneDownload
ListenElisha Follows ElijahDownload
ListenThe Miracle for the WidowDownload
ListenElisha and the Raising of the ChildDownload
ListenNaaman's Leprosy CuredDownload
ListenElisha Spares His EnemiesDownload
ListenElisha Saves the SamaritansDownload
ListenJonah the ProphetDownload
ListenIsaiah the ProphetDownload
ListenIsaiah and HezekiahDownload
ListenHezekiah to JosiahDownload
ListenDaniel and Friends Refuse the FoodDownload
ListenNebuchadnezzar's DreamDownload
ListenThe Fiery FurnaceDownload
ListenNebuchadnezzar Cast out for Seven YearsDownload
ListenDaniel in the Den of LionsDownload
ListenBack to JerusalemDownload
ListenOpposition to the BuildingDownload
ListenThe Prophet HaggaiDownload
ListenThe Building of the WallsDownload
ListenMordecai Honoured by the KingDownload
ListenRe-cap of the Old TestamentDownload
ListenFrom the Old to the NewDownload

Stories from the New Testament

ListenBeginning of the New TestamentDownload
ListenJesus in the Temple as a BoyDownload
ListenJohn and JesusDownload
ListenJohn the Baptist in PrisonDownload
ListenThe Baptism of ChristDownload
ListenJesus Tempted by the DevilDownload
ListenJesus Chooses His DisciplesDownload
ListenChrist and Simon PeterDownload
ListenJesus Drives Them out of the TempleDownload
ListenNicodemus and the New BirthDownload
ListenThe Woman at the WellDownload
ListenJesus in the SynagogueDownload
ListenJesus Heals the PeopleDownload
ListenThe Parable of the SowerDownload
ListenSeek and Save that which was LostDownload
ListenWoman Anoints Jesus' FeetDownload
ListenThe Raising of jairus's DaughterDownload
ListenJesus is TransfiguredDownload
ListenAnd Many Other Things Jesus DidDownload
ListenThe Three Great FeastsDownload
ListenLazarus Raised from the DeadDownload
ListenBartimaes and ZacchaeusDownload
ListenJesus goes up to JerusalemDownload
ListenThe King's FeastDownload
ListenThe First Lord's SupperDownload
ListenJesus in the GardenDownload
ListenPeter's DenialDownload
ListenChrist CrucifiedDownload
ListenChrist on the CrossDownload
ListenThe ResurrectionDownload
ListenChrist is seen of ThemDownload
ListenJesus Speaks to PeterDownload
ListenThe AscensionDownload
ListenThe Beggar at the GateDownload
ListenStephen the first Christian MartyrDownload
ListenPhillip and the EunuchDownload
ListenThe Conversion of SaulDownload
ListenPaul Returns to JerusalemDownload
ListenCornelius and PeterDownload
ListenPeter Released from PrisonDownload
ListenPaul in PhilippiDownload
ListenThe Gospel is PreachedDownload
ListenPaul in the House of JustusDownload
ListenPaul and EutychusDownload
ListenPaul at MiletusDownload
ListenPaul and His NephewDownload
ListenPaul and FelixDownload
ListenPaul and AgrippaDownload
ListenPaul is ShipwreckedDownload
ListenPaul Arrives at RomeDownload
ListenPaul Writes to PhilemonDownload
ListenPut on the Whole Armour of GodDownload
ListenPaul's Guest's at RomeDownload
ListenPaul's Last LetterDownload
ListenPeter's LettersDownload
ListenJohn Writes RevelationDownload